Monday, November 17, 2008

American, Eh #2 In the Works

Decided to finally get going and started the second part of American, Eh? over the weekend. Can't scan the page (too big), so just a photo.

Not sure about what the cover is going to be yet - with the first one, I took a real photo from the events that took place in #1 and that was the cover (the balloon-headed shot - yes it exists, and no you can't see it).

With #2, which details the move from Windsor, Ontario, to Quincy, Massachusetts, it's a little harder, because I really don't have much from that time period. I'm mostly relying on memory. I'm thinking about asking some friends if they have any pictures from then. I mean, sure, I can make something up, but it'd be cool to have a real photo reference for each cover of this comic.

So I inked the first page of #2 tonight and something interesting happened. For #1, I worked with thick, heavy lines, and in keeping with the theme, I started the first page of #2 in the same way. Then I got to the last panel, and as I was inking it with one of my new brushes, it came out differently. Finer, thiner lines, different look. And it looked good.

So I'm having a bit of a connundrum. Do I try to keep going with this finer, more detailed approach? Or keep with the look of #1 and the thicker lines? It's not a huge difference, I know.
Beyond the comic, I've been given an interview for a grant writing job for the Newport International Film Festival..... which is very ironic, because four years ago, I was running the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and Newport was the big rival. We shall see.


Paranormal Dog said...

Hmmm...while I really like the style you've been working in, I find that the thinner, more detailed lines really strike me. There is more emotion to the face.

A conundrum indeed. Perhaps you can experiment by doing the thinner lines in panels where more simple emotion is needed, and the thicker for more dramatic?

Good luck with your interview.

Canook said...

That's an interesting idea....I might do that... Bean, you're so smart.

ZB said...

Yay, yay, yay! I love this page already!! Can't wait for more.

Unfortunately, I don't have an opinion on the thickness issue...I'm afraid I'm not sure of the difference; I do like Jodi's idea, though.

Hope the interview went well!!

Paranormal Dog said...

Eh, I can be sometimes. ;)