Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Thought Boys Didn't Like To Talk on the Phone

Just got off the phone with my little brother Jon, who turns 19 today. I'm quite proud of him. He's the fifth of the six kids, has been living on his own for a while with his girlfriend, and is doing really well. Sounding very rational and grown up lately - was excited that he got a new toaster for his birthday!

Anyways, I just got his new number from my mum, and don't you know he just yapped my ear off for 40 minutes. Told me all about work, his apartment, his girlfriend, some family drama, and how he was planning to surprise me for Thanksgiving this weekend, but probably can't do to work (what a sweetie - I would die if he showed up). I didn't say much - I just listened and let him go. Then he asks for my number and says he's going to start calling me every week.

Is this normal for a 19-year-old guy, to want to talk to his 29-year-old sister like this??

Funny stuff. I don't necessarily believe he'll actually call weekly, but just the fact that he said that made me a little mushy.
Actually, makes me think about doing a mini-comic with stories about my brothers and sister. I have a good one about Jon as a baby throwing up on me.....

So there's Jon. Last time I talked to my youngest brother Tom (17) he kept me on the phone for a good hour, same dynamic - he did most of the talking, I listened. Then a few weeks ago, I talk to my oldest brother Mac (32) and *he* gushes forth for a good hour about his upcoming wedding and job!

It's only something I've noticed recently, but what's with the boys lately? Everyone wants to spill their guts, it seems.
(All okay by me though. My brothers are cute.)


Rottin Rotti said...

*laughs* I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder eh? You are close to your family, one of the few who understands the dynamic I hold with mine - though I wish sometimes I could get Todd to tell me more about his life. I'm glad you got to chat so much with your brothers though, and I'm sure that it will be more frequent in times to come. They miss their sister I'm sure - you are awesome after all.

ZB said...

I found out today that my brother got a promotion. Who did I find out from? People at school...because my father was in the building the other day and told them over the course of conversation. Not only did my brother not tell me, but I didn't even see my father when he came to MY place of work. Yeah. My brother and father still fit that guys-don't-like-to-talk-on-the-phone thing.