Thursday, June 5, 2008

Foods, How I Miss You, How I Will Buy You Shortly

M and I are getting ready in a few weeks to drive up to my parents' house in Canada, and already I'm making lists of types of food I want to eat and buy while there.

Like anyone else who lives in a different country than they grew up in, one of the things you miss most is the food. Little dumb things, like certain brands of candy bars, the things your mom made when you were younger, or just things you take for granted until you can't get them anymore.

For example:

Most Canadians living in a different country would cite how much they miss Timmy's, or Tim Hortons, but I've been lucky in suddenly having Timmy's pop up around Rhode Island these past few years.

For me though, the first place M and I go when we cross the border at Niagara Falls/Buffalo is Harvey's. It's the best fast food ever - burgers with a bit of spice, made any way you want, excellent chocolate-y shakes, so, so good, and the best after sweating through border patrol.

French fries with gravy. Not necessarily poutine, which some people know as "Quebec-style Fries" around here: fries, gravy and curds, which is almost like a slightly saltier mozzarella. No, just fries and gravy for me, in a cardboard carton, with a fork. It's so friggin' good. It's funny, though, you talk about it here in Rhode Island, and people get grossed out. Like having a grilled cheese with ketchup. Have you tried it?? No?? Then be quiet.

Other things I get while in Canada:
For years, I would take a fork and mow into one of these cakes on my own. Now, if they're very lucky, on occasion I will share with one of my brothers, but it's *mine* first.

My favorite candy bar. It's like Caramello here in the states, but these have smaller pockets of caramel, and it's so creamy it's totally wonderful. Also added to this list is a Mars bar (like a Milky Way), Mirage and Aero bars (milk chocolate with bubbles in it). And speaking of caramel:

Yes, it's all chocolate and crap on this list! Seriously, though, ever tried one of these ice cream bars? They are ridiculously delicious, and perfect for walking and dripping down the beach.

That's all I can think of right now, but fear not, Americans, you do have one thing in your country that I adore, and introduce to everyone who comes to visit! And it's equally as bad for you as the rest of this list!


Lisa Pas said...

Whoa. Are those Rollo ice cream bars the frozen equivalent to the candy???? YUM!!!

Canook said...

Yes it is! Chocolate ice cream, chocolate coating, and gooey caramel in the middle that never freezes.