Monday, June 9, 2008

Cold-Blooded on a Hot June Day

This heat wave sucks the big one. Right now, it's in the 90s after a sudden jump in heat from the very pleasant 70s, and being so close to the city, and surrounded by pavement, it's just about cooking me from the inside.

I am not one of those people that loves and soaks in the heat. Maybe it is on account of being "cold blooded", as a lot of people seem to love reminding me, Canook that I am. High heat makes me nauseous, I hardly eat anything, and most days like this I'm in a fog because my brain has overheated and refuses to compute. This has been every summer since I moved here to Rhode Island.

I think it's a little better when you've had time to get used to the rising heat - my mum always talks about thin blood and thick blood, how in the winter your blood thickens, and in the summer, it thins. But if it's too sudden a movement from cold to heat, your body can't adjust quickly enough and it, essentially, fucks you all up inside. Hence my swaying through the house like a steaming zombie.

I won't deny that I'm not longing for Canada right now. Where my parents live is right on Lake Huron, no humidity + the ability to literally go jump in the lake if you're hot. We lived by the beach every summer since I was little, and summers never got much above 85 degrees and perfect.

Three weeks to go, three weeks to go.

In the meantime, stick me in the shower as steam comes off my head, and buy me a Tropicana Coolatta to suck down already.

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Lisa Pas said...

I've lived in RI my entire life and I've still not gotten used to the summers here. I hate the heat. I'm moving to Maine as soon as I possibly can. Is it January yet???